Anyone OC'ing Cell 466?



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I have not had any problems running Cellys (333, 366, & 400) at 75 FSB...
These were systems I helped friends put together..

I am eagerly awaiting arrival of a 466 PPGA that I plan to use myself, and I was wondering if I
incorrectly assumed it would run at 75 also..

I came across some info at ‘Sharkey Extreme’ that said they had some trouble at 75 with the 466.
Of course, I guess I’ll know for myself pretty soon, but I was wondering if any of you are running
the 466 at 75 or higher? Might help to relieve my anxiety...


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I had a 466 it overclocked to 525 and was not extremely stable. It cost about $80 more than a 400 so i bought it. It goes to 450 no problems but 500 isnt too stable. In my mind a 466 is a %50 bet, not all will o/c they are the worst for o/c. Get a 366 or 400.


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Yeah I do and it runs at 601 mhz on the new Abit BP6 (with all those weird bus settings got mine at 86 mhz on the FSB). I used an Alpha Heatsink