Anyone know about Futura Monitors?



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One of my suppliers sent me one today on promo.

Model #LP995 19" 0.25mm Dot Pitch, 18" Viewable Area, Flat Square Tube Invar Shadow Mask, 1600x1200 max.

The inmage quality is as good as the specs suggest.

Does anyone know anything about Futura? Track record? They come with a 3 year warranty, and get this, $198 a piece shipped in quantities of 5.



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Yep, they're good but not great. I bought 17" that does 1280x1024x60Hz for $200 when monitors under 19" were still worth something. There's also a company call Likom that manufactures the same models. I don't know if they're both part of the same company or what the deal is. But if you need a driver for the monitor, I suggest finding Likom's site. I never had any luck finding a site or drivers for Futura monitors.

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