Anyone here has any suggestions about this electronics manufacturing company ?


Russell A. Roy

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I'm working in a multinational company as a Project Manager.
This month I got a lot of projects regarding electronic equipment. As our company is purely mechanical based and we do not have much idea about electronics manufacturing. So I shared my situation with one of my friends who is an electronic engineer and he suggested me to approach these electronic manufacturing servicesin Toronto who will deal with those kinds of projects.
As we need to submit our projects in the coming month. As we are having limited time to study detailed about this, I think this will be a good idea. Anyone here has any suggestions about this? If yes, please do share your suggestions.
Thanks in Advance!!


Hey, sorry no one was able to answer you when you needed it. How did that project go? haven't heard of this company you linked, but I've read a bit about them and they seem to be a reliable company to trust your electronics manufacturing project.

I think it also depends on what kind of electronics you are trying to create. For example, to create simple portable gadgets, I don't reckon you need such a huge manufacturing service provider. Scout your area for smaller businesses if you need a simple prototype, but if you got the budget or if it really fits what you envision for this project, then the circuits central you linked could really be a good choice.
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