Anybody wanna muster up an opinion of this "fanless" cooling system...





Oh... and those with fan-fetishes may want to take a look at this...

...a "revolutionary" fan design from YS-TECH, who claim it offers substantial performance gains over current designs.


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Not too bad for $200.00 US. BUT, 1GHZ max and no ratings on the power supply. Not for the power user or tweaker. Looks like a narrow product niche though. Usually only power users know of this type of cooling and this setup is not adequate for them. TOOLBOX bay be interested in this since he is in a warm climate and willing to underclock to minimize temps.
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The technology is rather interesting. Instead of a water cooling system with a pump, they just use several heatpipes to transfere the heat to the side of the case. I like the layout of the case with the drives and power supply on the bottom. They flipped the case over.

The temps are good, but the 1Ghz limit sucks. I think if they sent more than one tube to the CPU and added a copper plate to "store" the heat. It could stablize the temps enough to handle a hotter CPU. They might need to attach the cooling to the other side and top too to handle all the heat. They should have mounted the hard drive flush against the side or top to help cool that too. They could even make the pannels with with small fins or corigation to add surface area. It would not look as good though and the case does look nice.

The new fan technology does look VERY nice. the fans are attractive , quieter and generate more airflow.; Plus the air is able to blow more towards the center of the fan to increase the cooling effectiveness. I am very interested to see how these things perform.

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