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i have a pIII [email protected] ay home with a cable modem working at 10 baset. then i go to school with a 100 base t and it locks up during games. could it be the internet connection. now i can only run at 527.

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The internet connection is not going to be responsible for locking up you're computer during gameing. It is more likely a heat problem.

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yes, mostly it would be a heat problem. i have a 486 [email protected] (not stable yet but working on it, its heat problems that make it not stable) but if your modem is a win modem (cable modems are mostly not winmodems meaning it will run under true dos as well as windows)like mine is it can lock up windows. how you can tell if it is able to lock up the system is when your modem turns one to dial, your mouse pauses for a second(like if it jumps right before it dials) like mind does, when my modem cant take much more, it would lock up the computer, how i know, when ever im on the net and it freezes, my modem computer things (whatecver you want to call em in the system tray when you are conected) are lite up, i did tests and found out it was my modem over heating, i basicly got ride of it by removing the case cover.

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Blake_Peterson, cable modems are compeltely different from dial up modems. there is no numbers to dial out on. they are always connected because they use a network connection to be connected to the internet. this is what makes them so fast.

I do agree on the heat issue. that NIC card could be heating up more because of it being on a 100baset, What PCI divider are you using? if you are using the 1/3 this could be the culptrate since you are running that NIC @ 41 mhz.

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Try running it with the case off and a fan pointing at it. If that works, you know its just heat.


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Is your room at school warmer than the one at home? I know that's pretty simple, but just checking. The other thing is that maybe the network card is more tolerant of overclocking when running 10 BT than 100 BT. They are completely different modes.