Any Voodoo 3 O/C user out there?



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I just bought a Voodoo3 3000 and I'm planning to overclock it. Just wondering how far your voodoo 3 card could go?

By the way, what kind of fan do you have on your voodoo 3 card? I'm thinking to put a Pentium Pro fan on it. Any comment? =)


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Hey Kiddo, I have a Voodoo3 2000 and i O/c it to 175Mhz without any visible artifacts popping up. I hear that the 3000 version can handle about 180-185. I am using an old CPU fan from an AMD that I have rigged up to hold onto the Voodoo3 heatsink.

I would recommend going up in increments of 5 Mhz and when you first start seeing lost pixels and other artifacts, bump it down 5-10 Mhz for overhead. Good luck,


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I have a TennMax V3 Stealth cooler on my Voodoo3 3000 and I think it sucks so don't make the mistake of buying one of these.

Your best bet is to buy a fan that'll fit right on top of the stock heatsink.

I had to change my entire heatsink because I need all my PCI slots. I have 5 of them and all are already used up... I'm thinking of up grading my motherboard to the one with 6 PCI's. The P3B-F is what I currently use.

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I forgot to mention... I'm running my Voodoo3 overclocked at 193 MHz. Hey, maybe that fan isn't so bad after all???

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Well i bought a V3 3000 Made in mexico, it has hyundai ram. It sucsessfully overclocks to 205 mhz from 166mhz default clock speed with two fans, one on top and one on bottom.

Even at this speed i have no artifacts and no crashes. I am stocked cause it resulted in a 30 % increase in frame rates, i guess it makes up for my celery 400 that only goes to 450 the peice of crap.

V3 is very overclockable. go to for oc programs and guides as to what to do to get best performance.

My fan on the back is a case fan, i used to small strips of double sided tape to fit the fan and it wont budge, the other is a celeron stock fan just cut up enough to fit neatly on the heatsink.

At 210 mhz the card runs ok with minor artifacts and some polygon tearing, drops out ocasionally, but i am happy with 205 or 200 they work no probs.


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I run my Voodoo3 3000 at 220/220Mhz with no problems.

I pulled off the original heatsink.
Then I added a TE 30mmx30mm Potted Peltier with a Alpha 370 heatsink/fan on it. It took uo 3 PCI slots, but I don't use them anyways.
Running stable 220Mhz at arond 50 degrees farenheit after 8 loops of Crusher Timedemo.

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I have a Voodoo3 2000 PCI and am looking into overclocking it. I'm new to overclocking (yes, I've read all the "O/C at your own risk" stuff, but I wanna see what I can pull out of the card). I found a highly recommended O/C program over at The guy wrote it specifically for voodoo cards. Okay, my questions are: How do I know when to stop increasing the MHz incrementally, what are my options on extra cooling and is there a site that is dedicated specifically to overclocking or has a lot of stuff on the subject? Lastly, how do I actually find out what my fps and chip temp is? Are there programs for this?

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I made the same mistake as you buying Teenmax's V3.. it's a piece of crap, even a single 486 fan on the factory heatsink is more efficient.. I couldn't get my v3 2k to run stable even at 155, and with the factory heatsink+485 cooler I run at 170. I am very disappointed with many reviewers... In Teenmax's page there are many links to many reviews that tell wonders about this piece of crap.. obviously they were well paid to make these "reviews". These guys really think that we are stupid or dumb ??

Here is the list of these lyers, reviewers that make anything for money and don't have a little respect for us, who read their oppinions..

And the teenmax say "Reviews made by experts"... tsc...tsc...tsc...