Any new Civilization games coming out?



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I have always enjoyed playing simulation and strategy games like SimCity and Civilization. I heard a long time ago that there was supposed to be a Civilization III, but have never seen it advertised. Is there a third version? I already have I & II.


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I've just been over to to see if there was any info but nothing about any new versions yet. Keep an eye on that site as it is a good place for reviews of most games. DD.


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Civilization III call to power has been out for over a year. However, most of the reviews I have read say that Civ II was better, but I haven't actually played it. Unfortunatly I'm currenty using a real dinosaur, a Cyrix media GX, that is not even capable of running it. But I saw Civ III at Best Buy today for $19.99 and I'm hoping to get my Duron 600 up and running by this weekend I'll let you know if its any good in a couple of days. BTW here is a link I'm not expecting much, however, since the price on this version is less than Civ II, not a good sign. But you might want to check around there was something on the web site about a Call to power 2 (possibly a 4th version of Civ)


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Check out Apolyton at:

for any and all things Civ. Call To Power (CTP) II is soon to be released (for what it's worth), and Civ III is in the works.

For the record, CTP is not Civ III, they just pirated the Civ name. IMHO, Alpha Centauri is a more appropriate sequal to Civ II. Test of Time (TOT) is Civ II with multi-map capability which is neat, but they really screwed up on the graphics. Fortunately, you can find all sorts of home-made patches at Apolyton.


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For what it's worth, Master of Orion 2 is in the making... Not quite Civ, but still

I would give my neighbor's right testicle for a new good Civ game!

Any chance I'll ever see a Master of Magic 2 *sigh*



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not sure whats on the way, but a question i have. has anyone a copy of CivNet? i picked up a copy at a computer show a few months back after being curious for years if they ever made a multiplay outa it. runs nice, and looks a bit more a cross of the orriginal Civ, and CivII.