Any mech warriors around ?



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Just wanted to let you know that I saw a while back at that Mech 4 is in development and it look stunning. Heard there is a good story line and some unbelievable graphics. Hope it is not to long before the demo is here.


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I've been sucked into the Mechwarrior series since I got MW2 (3dfx version) boxed with my Voodoo 1 card some years back. I like 3 but still prefer the ambiance, music and general feel of MW2. I loved the way you were dropped on the planet and a husky female voice gave you some planet specs including the temp. just felt more involving than MW3 somehow to me.


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Hail Mechwarrior
Aye the Game is awesome. Was in Mechs since I played at a Video arcade 'Virtual World'. They Arcade was using Mad Dogs and Hellbringers. Controlled by a bank of computers 8 players fought eachother in a Flat dessert terrain. Then Got Mechwarrior 2, Joined a Team in the Grand Council League for 3 years. Some 80 regular players held mock battle for the prize of winner of most Honor points. Another league for Planetary Conquest TKZ (The Killing Zone). Was a great experience. But alas MW2 faded the teams the leagues are gone
In true Mechwarrior fashion gone in time. MW3 MW4 new generation of Mechers. Your Sword - Skill and Honor
5th Khan Clan Snow Raven (Grand Council)
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Have any of you guys played the very first mech game on PC called "Battle Tech" and "The Cresent Hawks Inception" ?


I have walked upon the battlefield many a time in the jenner to the biggest daishi ever conceived. I liked mechwarrior 2 better than mechwarrior 3. I only wish I would have bought the regular edition instead of the titanium trilogy, can't play unless someone else has same copy. I have played battle tech and Cresent hawks revenge. I even played the first mechwarrior.