Any intelligent brain taxing PC games out there...?



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I'm looking for a PC game that challenges the brain somewhat. Portal was good (although quite an exception in the brain challenging/entertaining bracket I assume), but any other games out there that require some real working of the grey matter?


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Personal favourite by a long way: Deadly Rooms Of Death. Truly a devious puzzle game. No real-time action of any sort, but it'll make your brain hurt. :)

To get started for free, you can grab the demo of The City Beneath and the original King Dugan's Dungeon hold -- that's the level set from the original release, but in the newer engine. The demo will also play any of the 300-odd user-made holds here. Use the Change Location menu option to import them.

If you like it enough to spend money, the full Journey To Rooted Hold game is a better starting point in terms of learning curve. KDD is earlier in story terms, but pulls a few tricks which have since fallen out of favour with players. The full The City Beneath game is really designed for people with a bit of playing experience.

Probably getting a bit ahead here, but also note that if you end up getting the commercial version of King Dugan's Dungeon (2.0) later, the game considers it a different hold to the free download (it has voice acting, a handful of extra secret rooms, a proper ending and stuff). Unfortunately that means you can't transfer your progress from the free one to the commercial one.