Any Difference??? HELP!!! same chipset= same performance??



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Im soon to buy a riva TNT vid. card. What a pile of noodles to pick from. Even worse if I was looking at the voodoo 2 card.

So many different manufacurers of cards that have the riva tnt chipset, however, dont know if there is a preference i should be looking at??? Prices r ranging $135 to $250 and beyond..... All ive found that differentiates 1 TNT card to the next is price, or TV in/out. What else am i missing???? PLEASE HELP. !!

Thank u all in advance


I would go with either the Velocity 4400 TnT or the Canopus Spectra 2500.
I would avoid the Diamond Viper. Dimaond is notorious for slacking when it comes to support and driver updates. The Creative Labs has no tv out( Which you do want, it looks good enough to actually use 800 x 600)
I bought the Velocity 4400 PCI. I would have possibly gotten the Canopus, but it is AGP only, So I would do one of those two.
I just really like how STB jumps to fix problems, from my experience.
And I would definitely avoid a Voodoo2, It's faster, but nowhere near as pretty