..and they call it FLOWER HEAT SINK...



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wow...pretty nice design!!! I wonder what the performance will be with that hsf.

I can even use that to fan myself! hehehe

REB -> anong gimik? mabuhay!

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..and they call it FLOWER HEAT SINK.
does that make it gay?

Where's the any key?
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Doesn't seem to have a fan component. Wonder how you can attack a fan to that?

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Ok here you go here is how you add a fan

or if the pics dont work go here

Where's the any key?
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Yeah, I read a review on it.

Apparently, it is a complete arse to fit, and fits only a few cases/mobos.

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...and it's really not that great either, apparently.

One for the plexiglass freaks I think.


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That's the ugliest heat sink I have EVER seen!

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LOL, I've never bought a heatsink cause I liked the way it looks. OOOOOOO Pretty!

Sorry DASP, couldnt resist ribbin ya.

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looks pretty flimsy to me, like I could bend those blades if I wan't careful
Yeah I suppose! Kinda like your ram or HS. Don't want to get too "rammy" with them either. Heah, if it cools like they say it does then sounds good to me and if I do accidentally bend some of the blades I guess I am going to have to simply bend them back. Thin is better. Why do you think the blades on radiators, house water heating units and heater cores are thin. Because they are better at dissapating heat. I think this thin idea is a great idea. It is just too hard to make regular heatsinks like this. I see how they did it though. They sandwiched all the copper pieces together with allen bolts. Good Idea though I am wondering how they got the heat to travel good through them all. Maybe they soldered them together with Ag solder in a press first which I would do. then it would work great. Image if you hooked the 80mm fan they have up to a vent hose sucking room temp at it. Much better in my experience.

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Actually I think it would work quite well if it's used where passive heatsinks are needed. Couldn't think of a way on how to mount a fan to that and I've read about it being made of copper fins and aluminum base (or am I wrong) and isn't that suppose to be the other way around
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If it works great and keeps it quiet, I couldn't care less if it came in pink polka dots.


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It would never fit on my slocket on my board.

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You could always cut off a few blades to make it fit. How much does the thing cost anyway? I'm gonna look it up...
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I still think it would have worked better if they fanned the fins out like they did, then bend them up and mount a fan on the side. The surface area would be great and the airflow over the fins would be much better than their currant design. A good low noise 80mm fans would be great.

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