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Hi there, I have an AMD K6 2-550. It is rated @ 2.3v. I can only get it to 578x105FSB @ 2.6v. I should be able to get it to at least 605x110 or 600x120 FSB but it is not stable and win crashes with the blue screen of death with a damn VXD error. What is the max volt I should push? Please read all that I have written to Duckman today. It might help you understand. Going nuts!!
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i may not be a guru, but i've got a few questions for ya. now i know you have a ga-5ax, a pelt, and a [email protected] k6/2, but thats it. what else is in your setup? you should really post this in the cpu forum, there's alot of k6'ers over there. apparently you can do 120mhz fsb, so your ram and components on pci bus should be ok. and you've got a pelt on the chip, so it should be below room temp. heat in other words shouldn't be a problem cause overall case-temp was like 60F. hmm...question. You've tried 578 [email protected] how long have you run it in this setting? you should be able to get [email protected] When you set up for 600, you use [email protected] voltage? 2.6? you may have to do 2.7v, i didn't get 600 to work at 2.6v. i tried 600 at 5x120, and 2(6)x100, but only was stable at 2.7v, and only stable with non-cpu intensive progs. 2.8v is the absolute max i'd try on an aircooled system, and then not for long. you have a sub-room temp system though right? what is your cpu temps? do 2.7v and you should be fine at 600. but hopefully you have something rigged up to read cpu temps, cause if 2.7 is still crashing under heavy loads, 2.8v would be the next logical v setting...but it would bring more heat also.

oh i forgot. can your ram do cas2 at 120? i forgot to change this in my bios settings, and kept wondering what the problem was when my sys wouldn't run stable. changed it to auto and everythings cool.

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I agree with everything janzer said above.
Heat should not be a problem with your set up and the temps I see you posted. And I wouldn't go over your 72w pelt because in my opinion, your set up is working.

As janzer said, start with the little things. Check your CAS setting, change it to 3 if it isn't already.
Are you running an AGP vid card? Try setting it to run at AGP bus speed instead of CPU bus speed. I think the Gigiabyte has this option. That way, your AGP card is not running out of spec and possibly causing problems.
Are you attempting to overclock with all cards removed from your machine except the vid card? If not, take them all out and try again. Then when you get to max mhz, install them back in one by one. That way, you can find any trouble makers in the bunch.

As far as voltage goes, you will probably have to go to 2.8v to get the system stable. I believe TonForty and Fallguy are both running 2.8v with air cooling only to attain 600+ speeds out of the K6/2's. IMHO, 2.6v just isn't going to cut it for the hIgher mhz/bus speeds. And, if you keep it as cool as you have it now, 2.8v shouldn't hurt it to bad. It won't last as long as a stock 550, but if that's what you wanted, you wouldn't be overclocking, right?

I've been collecting parts to do the same set up as you have and I already planned on going to 2.9v or even 3.0v, but I don't care if I smoke the chip. So, if I were you, I would start increasing the voltage more. I would check the above settings and such first, and yank all the cards out, then try 2.7v, 5.5*110. If it's not stable, go to 2.8v, etc. but anything can happen above 2.6v so if you smoke a chip, don't be suprised. Consider yourself warned! I hate to give advice and have someone smoke a CPU because of it. I'm no guru!
Also, I believe Fallguy lapped his heatsink and his CPU cap to help in cooling. This is a long shot, but if you have a hot spot, it could cause problems. And I've seen concaves right over where the core is on heatsinks. Of course, with a pelt, this shouldn't be a problem unless the K6/2 cap is concave.
Are you running some kind of cold plate? I didn't see anything in your post about having one unless I missed it. They really help from what I've read. It's worth a shot!

Hope this helps a little! Post back and let us know how it's going!