AMD K6-2 300 & Aopen ax59pro Board



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Hi, I coud need some help overclocking my computer. Iv read a few pages on the net and found info. But I realy woud like some general help on the topic. Mostly on the voltage, but also in general!


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That takes me back. What you have there is the exact same mobo/proccy I had for my first AMD system. Anyways.....

If you would like to overclock, I'd reccomend you try using the 112Mhz bus setting, which will give you 336Mhz, probably faster than 350 due to the higher bus pushing your Graphics card/memory. You might not need any voltage change for this, but if you get crashes, you might want to try 2.3v or 2.4v. From personal experience i'd say you are safe up to 2.6 as long as you have adequate cooling. If the 112 setting wont let your computer post, i'd say try 3.5 multiplier with 100bus which would give you 350Mhz. Best way really is to try yourself!

Good Luck, 600R

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I see! I was wondewring of taking it higher. up against 400. but you meen that it is better that way, by pushing the bus rate too?
Hm.. Il give it a try.
My Hardware is like this:
AMD K6-2 300
ax59pro mainboard.
Voodoo banshee.
64Mb Sdram\ soon 128
You still recomend me to adjust as you said first? And is there any other way you boosted your PC? (Iv changed the clocking of the banshee too 110)