AMD K6-2 300 3dNow question



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I am looking for a mid range card $100 - $150 and think I am going to get the 3dFX 1000 or 2000. A friend told me that 3dFX and the AMD K6-2 300 3dNow dont work well together. I dont need a lot of power. I just want to replace this buggy onboard SIS6326 that I have now. If my friend is right can some one recomend a card.


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Well who the hell told you 3dfx does not work well together with AMD?????? He is definately wrong. Grab yourself a Voodoo3 2000 for like 95 bucks off the net. Its the best and the cheapest video upgrade you could possibly get. Dont even consider a TNT cause your cpu doesnt have enough power.

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I second the motion,its the best card you could buy for your system,your friend is mis informed.