AMD 1.2gig temprature???



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I got meself a 1.2 gig with 200mhz internal clock and havn't overclocked it or anything but its running at around 60-70 degrees. i've got a volcano II fan on the chip but its still reporting 60-70 degrees every time i run quake III after about 1 hour it freezes and when i reboot its around 80 degrees. could this be posssible???? when you put the cip in2 the soccet should the temp gage be pushed down??? whats the normal running temp?????????????/ help..............



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First I have too say I had a Volcano II too, and it get's hot like hell, even on my 1GHz Tbird. I got the WBK38 with delta for less than 10 dollar more. Now at 1,5 GHz 1,8V core I got the same temps than with the volcano II at 1GHz 1,725 Vcore.
You should try to get your temps down to under 50 degrees celcius!!! Even under 45 degrees when not OC'ing! A lot of PC's get unstable above 55 degrees (or at least the OC'ed ones).
Just try to reseat the HSF and replace the termal pad with Artic Silver. The bottom of the Volcano II is very scratched like (dunno the right word, im dutch). You can try to lower the core voltage too, like 1,7 or 1,725 volt, whatever is stable.

The best thing is really to replace your HSF!!

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Right now it's hot as hell in this room even with my AC on and my 1.2 T-Bird hits 50c the highest. I'm using and oversized Matrix HSF.


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my 1.2/266 is at 26 C right now with a millenium glaciator, under light load. it wasn't that much higher with the volcano 2 i took off it a week ago. what kind of thermal compound you guys using?

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I'm at 29C under light load (surfing)... around 42C under full load. (gaming)See sig for system specs.

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If the temp reads that high and you are having problems then it is probably reading correctly. The thermistor is supposed to be bent only enough to put the chip in the socket. In other words so it touches the bottom of the core. A little drop of compound on the tip of the thermistor will not hurt either.

Check the rest of your cooling set-up. Did you remove the T.I.M. from the bottom of the HS and apply a very thin amount of compound to the core?

Do you have a fan blowing in at the bottom front of your pc and another blowing out at the Top back? Is the PSU fan blowing out? What CFM are your case fans? Mine are 40CFM.

What fan are you using on the HS? I use a Delta. Which way is the HS fan, sucking or blowing on the HS? Try both ways. Generally blowing is better but it depends on the Heatsink.

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Yeah, if you're hitting 70C you are getting too hot! The Volcano II isn't the greatest cooler in the world, but it should be doing a heck of a lot better than that. I've seen Coolermaster's perform better than what you're getting. Is it seated properly? Is there poor contact? Are you using some sort of thermal compound? Have you touched the heatsink to see if it's getting that hot?

I would reseat it with a clean nice thin layer of thermal grease and see what that does. That is too hot...


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You are running too hot. If your heatsink is hot to the touch, then you need to increase airflow, either by hcanging the fan on the heatsink, or by changing the airflow in the case.

I recommend the later; blowing cool air in the bottom, and sucking warm air out the top can make a huge difference in the temp of your heatsink.

I am currently running a 1Ghz T-bird @1150 with a Millenium Glaciator on it. That machine runs SETI 7X24, and runs between about 32c and 40c in a room that varies from about 19c to 33c.

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My T'[email protected] does 43 idle, 53 full load (3dMark loop) with the Volcano II and some AS2.... But that's with casefan switched off... System temp gets up to about 37 without fans

I repeat: Reseat the b#stard, use Arctic Silver II, and get some big-time case cooling. T'Birds like their cage cool you know....


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What is too hot for the AMD 1.2 ghz T-bird?

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