Am I building a Media center PC?



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My television is on the point of death and I don't want to replace it.
Instead I want to build a PC to replace my DVD player and use a monitor instead of television.

The PC only needs to be able to play DVDs and also DivX movies, but I want to be able to control the PC and the movie player with some sort of Remote control unit (as I currently do with the TV and DVD player), maybe even switch the machine on and off with it as well.

Is this possible? (I'm sure it must be) and what hardware/software do I need to do it?

Many thanks.


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if you can get ahold of a copy of windows media center edition 2005 then use that. otherwise, look into cyberlink's power cinema. both are similar and good.

there are some budget 22" widescreen lcd's out that would fit your bill as a tv. i use a 225bw, and while its good there are better screens for movie use they cost twice as much.