Alternative to DVDFlick?



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Hi Guys,

Myself and my girlfriend have had an awful time with DVDFlick. It doesn't consistently burn DVDs, a lot of the time (and it seems to be getting worse) it will crap out during burning. Or, it will look like it's burned but when I check the disk, there's nothing on it.

I've also tried Windows DVD Maker and that hasn't worked great either. It actually works fine on my laptop, but not hers. We are both running Windows 7 Professional.

Is there something we can try? I noticed DVDFlick's options are pretty slim. It seemed to work not bad in Vista. We've recently updated to Win 7 (fresh installs) and have been having problems on and off since.

Any ideas?

Is there a paid program out there that would work better?

Thanks in advance,



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if there is an option to SLOW DOWN the burn rate try that...... reduce speed to 8x instead of those higher speeds which are unreliable.


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AVS has a bunch of video program that could help. My JVC HD Cam came whit Cyberlink software that are simple and work fine. But I still use Nero to burn the video on a dvd.