Altec Lansing ADA 305, is it really surround sound?



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I just bought SB live value, and AL ada 305,
both items support 3d surround sound, but the speakers are only 2, while you need 4 speakers for surround, that's what the manual for SB said. So I have to plug my sub woofer to front speakers input on the card, how can it be surround sound when the rear inputs is not being plugged.


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Altec Lansing uses a simulate surround sound. In some cases it works, some it doesnt. No, its not TRUE surround sound. You are correct in that it cant be running off of only 2 channels. What the speakers do, is youll notice that 2 of the drivers are angled outwards. They project sound to the side, while the other 2 drivers project directly at you. Thus, you appear to have sound coming from the front, and some coming from the side or behind.

The shortcomings of this are that, (a) there is a sweet spot. It will only seem to produce surround sound when youre facing the exact right way in the exact right position. (b) even if you appear to get sound coming from the rear, its only parts of the front sound that has been digitally manuipulated to sound different, thus you cannot actually get different sound from the rear.

The only way to get TRUE surround it to buy 2 more speakers.