Alpha PEP66...and Intel Fan?



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I have an Alpha PEP66 with YS Tech 60mm fan...all running fine...i have my spare intel heatsink and fan...can i sumhow use this on the alpha to help it?
i was thinkin the heatsink would be pretty useless....i know the fan ain't much but maybe i could attach it to the front or bottom of the Alpha? anyone tried 2 fans on an Alpha PEP66?


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You could try that but I really don't think it'll help...

The Alpha does its jib really well and if it ain't broke, then don't fix it.


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yea i suppose

also another thing regarding heat...
i have celeron2 [email protected] stable at temps about 30 degrees...cpu 40 degrees idle...this is with my alpha pep66...i see some ppl with case temp 30...cpu 33-35 idle with just air cool...would my temps be typical for [email protected] even for Alpha PEP66?