All GeForce 2 MX owners, wanna tell me your overclocking success?



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Well, I just ask as I superglued a fan onto the heatsink of my 3D Prophet II MX and cranked the core up to 210MHz without a problem. The memory, as before is going at 200MHz. Well, I think the core might go even higher, I aint tried yet. So, I was wondering, how far have you guys got this card?

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I've got the same card and run it @ 208 core/205 mem.

Very stable and gives me about 300-400 more points in 3dMark 2001.

I've seen people gets these chips to 240/220, which is damn impressive and seems impossible.

There are no modifications done on my gf2mx either.

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215/215 MSI GF2MX with 6ns
Winbond memory (166MHZ)

Very much impresive overclock, and my friend who owns this card installed only small 486 fan on the pasive cooler on graphic card.

Speeding up MX core is not very useful, but every MHZ faster memory is greatly appreciated.


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asus v7100 pure 32meg
core 205, mem 210 (thats as high as my coolbits goes for the memory and no reason to go higher with the core)

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Mine can be stable a little over 215 core (80mm case fan blowing on heatsink) but the memory won't go higher than 175 (even with RAMsinks installed and case fan blowing on card)

I won't bore you with my system specs..


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Mine's an early Gladiac, the most I get is 200/200.

The core goes to about 215, but the memory is useless.

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