Ali AGP chipset & Riva TNT2



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Has anyone had any problems with the Ali chipset and a TNT2?? I have a ASUS P5A mainboard and I'm thinking of buying a TNT2 coz i couldnt get my PowerColor TNT working, the puter just froze, and I had to reboot all the time! And i've heard that it's a common problem......
I wonder if I will ha have the same prob with the TNT2??

My puter:
ASUS P5A mainb
AMD 350MHz
64megz 100MHz
and so on....


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I have PowerColor TNT2 and it has the same problem.. Every 3d game just frezes..
I have a MSI motherboard..


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yes... that´s really a common problem !!
I have K6-2 350, AUSUS P5A, and a Viper 550 (tnt) .... it freezes everytime it get´s a chance !!! One of the problems is the IE5 ... i don´t know why, but the driver has problems with it !!
I´ll gonne buy a new computer today b/c i don´t wanna reboot every 30 mins anymore !!

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Go to ;
part of the Creative Labs web site, it mentions the Ali Aladin V, and a fix