AK31A North Bridge fan replacement



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Can someone help here? My north bridge fan seems dying and making a lot of noise. Questions:
1. If I just replace the fan, will any 40mm fan work? Any working example?
2. If I need to remove the whole HS and fan, are there tricks I should know so as not to damage the chipset?
3. What is a good replacement for HS and fan? I use volcano 7 for CPU which takes up a lot of space and I also notice there is a capacitor right next to the north bridge chipset.

The noise is driving me nut.


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Your local computer shop should have a replacement heatsink/fan kit. You can just remove your failing fan and replace with the new fan in the kit. My Abit Northbridge recently died similar to yours and I picked up a kit at the local store, replaced the fan only, and tossed the heatsink from the kit into my spare parts bin.

If your local shop doesn't carry one, you can find the kit style here:

or this one here with a 3 pin wire: http://www.crazypc.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=120199&Product_Code=5101

Otherwise, look for a 40x40x16 fan for a replacement.

Hope this helps!

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Yup...what he said. You shouldn't need to replace the heatsink...just the fan. And most local shops should have a 40mm fan or atleast something that will allow you to rig up some kind of active cooling...even though I'm not sure it's neccessary. Also do you have holes on the motherboard? If the heatsink is held on by those plastic retaining pins and not glued on you can replace the whole unit and swap a blorb on there. You could also add some artic silver if this is the case.

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Thanks, AMDnut. Just took out the fan, it is 40x40x10 mm. Took a while to figure out this little one making the biggest noise. 7V operation makes about the same level of noise. I checked plycon.com. They carry a SUNON model with 23 db and seem will fit. I will check out a couple of local shops here to see i can get one quicker. Thanks again.