Ahhhh Aprilia!!!!



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i am a huge sportbike fan and i saw the pics of the sportbikes in the sin post i just sold my 02 600 F4I and i am looking at getting the new ZX-6RR i really want a RSV millie but europien bikes cost an arm and a left nut over here in the states ahhhh DROOL.... :eek:


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Heh zx-6rr that sounds more like a Kawasaki than as aprillia.

Edit : Bah thought you meant an aprillia zx-6rr not an aprillia RSv :rolleyes:

Could you not try and source one in the uk and import it over? Might work out cheaper?

Its £10,699 over in the UK, That'd work out about $17000 plus shipping and registering that'd probably work out about $20k
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