(agp) radeon 9600 xt hdtv out support?



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Dvi to component adapter works on x computer, but not my home theatre pc (my radeon 9600 just died). Tried everything, just keeps reseting on my machine (end of thread :)

I have the 7 pin hdtv out cable hooked up to my lcd hdtv (no vga input) with component cables. The resolution seems to be locked at 1024 x 768 and the screen shows up as black and white only.

Any thoughts before I have to go out and spend $50 to buy a radeon 9550 (fanless because home theatre pc) ? Then I know the dvi to component adapter will work for me...


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What type of card do you have on your other PC and it is this one you are installing on your HTPC to test? I have a HTPC with a fanless nVidia 7600 and sometimes have gotten a black and white screen while setting it up. Don't know how to fix it for a Radeon