Afterburner and EVGA Precision cause display driver to stop working, then defaults.



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I fan-modded my 460 GTX and decided to play around with the clocks/temps so I got the version of Afterburner that supports the voltage increase. I read a thread about someone saying the best thing to do is increasing the voltage to the max (1.087) and then mess with it from there. I managed to get up to around 866/1733/2066 before starting to have these 'problems', but not artifacts problems, hea problems, freezing, or anything like that. If I set any of my clock speeds any higher than those values, after about 10 seconds my nVidia display driver stops working, fixes itself, and goes back to normal (defaulting the clock speeds that I had set back to factory).

The same person that told me to get Afterburner told me to try EVGA Precision, so I got that and installed it and immediately noticed it had no voltage control (which I was told was needed to clock most cards a little higher, makes sense). Anyway, I played with EVGA Precision for a few minutes, set my clocks to 850/1700/2000, then applied it. Nex thing I know I'm getting the same nvidia driver error again, resetting my clocks back to factory.

Now here's the part that gets strange that I don't understand. If I can use Afterburner, set my clocks all the way up to 950/1900/2200, apply it, and run Furmark and any other test, the test will run flawlessly and with a noticible FPS increase as well, but then of course the driver stops working and goes back to the default values. With EVGA Precision, after setting my values and checking GPU-Z, it never even shows that my clocks change, so I'm not sure if that program is even working from the get-go.

But yeah, that's basically the problem. Trying to get a bit out of my card but the display driver is failing not too long after I set any new clock speeds. I heard of something called "Coolbits" so I download a .reg file, merged it, and now I have no idea what it's supposed to do with it in order to change any of the settings.

I know that this isn't a heat problem because I have the card fan-modded extremely well, plus the tempertures never exceed 72 C in Furmark when I'm running them at factory settings. If it helps anyway, I'm using Forceware 266.58.

I feel as though I can get a bit more out of this card if I can find away around the display driver error, I just can't get around that. If anyone has any information or a suggestion on another program I can use that may not have this problem, -please- let me know. Thanks a lot.
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