After all these years, I just realized



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That Sound Blaster Live! really doesn't sound good at all

I think the effects and environments are good..Especially makes it easy for me as I'm a musician and it eliminates the need for an effects rack..

I just was playing a DVD and turned it to hardware accelrated audio mode and well..suddenly it clicked. Before now, If I played a game or something and sounds had weird or bad tones I just (in the back of my mind) attributed it to the software end of the sound source, but now its obvious that SB Live! was only really great for using MIDI and/or keeping the load off of the CPU.

My onboard Sound Max audio is far better in terms of wav, mp3, wma, and dvd.

So why do I bother posting this??

My system NEEDs an audio card to be able to take basicly the entire load of audio processing off of the CPU. My onboard audio sounds great but it takes the entire focus of the computer just to do the audio...and MIDI playback is so choppy its just out of the question.

I'm using a VIA C3 800Mhz CPU and I'm not going to change it unless lightning strikes and my friendly neighborhood insurance man buys me a new machine.

I was thinking of getting a used Audigy but I wasn't sure if creative really got their act together with their newer cards...I have used audigy SE in the past and it sounded good but it has NO HARDWARE ACCELERATION and since the box states it requires a 1 Ghz PIII or Athlon I'm willing to bet it would cripple my poor C3 as does my onboard audio

So does anyone know of a GOOD PCI (or USB) sound card with the following :

Good Digital (wav mp3 etc)
4 Channel Minimum
Line-In (if 2 stereo line-ins then GREAT)
Efficient Processing with very low CPU overhead
Hardware Based MIDI (or at least MIDI output with very low latency)

*Compatible with WINDOWS 98 AND XP*