Advice on video for oc'd 300a



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I'm building an oc'd 300a. I'm trying to figure out the best 2d/3d card for myself. I want good tv out/in and the best 2d/3d performance I can get. Should I go with a G200TV (and if so, millinium/mystique/or marvel?), or get a separate tv in/out card and a different video card. I do want to use the system for games, but higher priority on video capture/edit/output. Thanks.

The Evil Kermit

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The only thing I recommend is that you DONT buy a Matrox G200.
Its absolute shit!
go over to
see the forums. youll see what i mean.
I had one of the poo cards and its more trouble than its worth.
I do suggest that you have a look at the TNT based cards though, I now have a STB 4400 and it blew my head off!!!
people go on about SLI V2 but id say this card is just as fast and its AGP x2 also.
and quake 2 at 1152x864 32fpsdemo1 is really nice.
it usually runs about 40-50fps, that with my shitty k6-2 350 (yes i did say shitty)
But its down to what ever you want, but do look at the TNT. and remember 1 thing,


Thank you !

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Get a Canopus Spectra 2500. It is comparable to the Velocity TnT(Which i have), comes in AGP 2x(which i don't have), and canopus is about to put out a video port 600 add on for it. IT has higher quality than the rainbow runner, uses a drive bay for easy plugin access in front of your computer, and is supposed ot cost right around 99.00


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Canopus Spectera.... It is what you want... For sure
P.S. the video capture add-on is going to be higher than 99 bones... Sorry

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i say get the STB Velocity 4400 TnT (I own two of these), it is costs less than the Canopus, and according to PC Magazine Dec. 98 issue, the Velocity benchmarks better. Plus STB has a good rep. for driver updates