Advice on Toshiba L645-S4103 14" notebook



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Now that your spelling has been so eruditely corrected, we can get on to your actual question. Although, I feel that it must be mentioned that a "labtop" may also be a garment. This fact may not be known by your editor.
But enough of that. :)
My first thought on the Laptop in question is, what are you intending to use it for? It appears to have a decent dual core processor and 3 ghz of ram installed.
As far as manufacture goes, I've been happy with the Toshiba that I bought for my daughter a few years ago, and I haven't heard any complaints from those that have purchased them recently.
I don't have any experience with their tech support, so have no idea how affective they are.
Hope this info is helpful, and a little more along the line of what you're looking for.


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I can offer you a bit of feedback on brand philosophy. All laptops are made by a handful of manufacturers for the OEM's. The Toshibas I've had seem to be generally well made, some, like the old Cel 2.0 Satellite I'm typing this on, very well designed and easy to work on. Toshiba's corporate philosophy is not user friendly to hands on tinkerers like many of us on these forums in regard to software support. The typical response over the years is "take it in to the Toshiba service rep." There is a thread on these forums with an astounding number of views from the days when Vista was released and many users wished to reload with XP. Toshiba were not helpful with XP drivers for machines sold with Vista and there was a small army of users searching for correct drivers for their models.

However some other OEM's have not distinguished themselves with hardware. HP and IBM put code in their bios to force you to use a wireless card (an easy plug-in on most laptops) sold through them with a few words changed in the card's hardware ID code.

On this Toshiba, they limited the laptop to using 1G of ram in the Toshiba bios when the motherboard's Intel chipset is capable of using 2G of ram, preventing users from later upgrading.

But these days, I'd give great weight to finding one with a non-glossy screen.