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I am considering buying a V.90 PCI modem, any advice on which one. I have looked at ZOOM's PCI and is cheap compare to ISA or external. Are there any problems. I have a Cele 333 o/c to 375 on an ASUS P2L97 MB.


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I have had a lot of problems with the ZOOM modem I bought recently. Its a PCI model 2925. I gives me erroneous messages like, No Dialtone (and there is a dialtone) or Line is Busy ( when its not). I don't know if its my computer setup (300 mhz AMD 3d now on a Tyan Trinity MB) or if I got a bad modem. I tend to think its a bad modem though. I have a US Robotics that cost a little more but its worth it. I have never had any problems with that at all. I'm kinda wishing I would've went with the US Robotics again...



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I had 3 ISA moderms b4 I got this PCI, It's a CNET X2 moderm, It's cheap(1/5 USR). I used to have an USR 56K ISA moderm, now it moved along with the old computer. The raeson I use this moderm in my PII450, because It works just fine compare to the old USR. I don't see lots of differences. If you have $$ to invest a USR moderm, then go for it. It has the top quaility and stability among all other moderms. But if you are looking fo ra PCI moderm from USR, You might finally pick up one winmoderm(BAD). why not try something different?


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I have a Diamond Supra Express internal at home. It works great and comes with some really good Fax/voicemail software but Diamond is no doubt THE WORST in the industry for customer support after the sale.

I use USR at work. They work good but are more expensive by 20-30 %. I have one V. Everything that is GREAT but you really pay for it (about double).



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I suggest that you stay away from WinModems in general - such as the Zoom 2925. The Zoom 2919 is an internal hardware based Modem and has had great reviews. Also the USR FAXMODEM (not WinModem) is very good. I have been researching many Modems lately.
Good luck!

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USR has a new PCI modem out that comes with Encarta, Microsoft Money and Age of Empires.
I would never waste my money on anything but a U.S. Robotics Modem, they are far and away superior.