Adobe’s Creative Suite is dead



Adobe’s Creative Suite is dead, long live the Creative Cloud

It's the end of the line for boxed versions of Photoshop, InDesign, and the rest.

Adobe's Creative Suite and the applications that make it up—Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere, and a host of others—have been staples of many professional toolboxes for almost a decade now. The full suite itself has been available since September of 2003, and many of its applications have a history that reach back even further. Today at its MAX conference, however, Adobe announced a major shift in strategy for the software: boxed versions, along with their perpetual licenses, will no longer be available for any Adobe software newer than CS6. Going forward, subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud service will be the only way to upgrade your software...

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Why am I still doing up?
I guess CS6 will be my last version. :(

They should also add microtranactions. Want to crop your photo - $.05. Upload website - $.25.

Think of all the $$$.


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As a user of Creative Cloud since January, I actually have no issue at all with this.
For less than $50 a month, having access to almost all of CS6 and two licenses (one for home and one for work) is well worth it.

Especially with volume licensing, it ends up a great deal less expensive than the boxed version, not to mention the less painful upgrade cycle.

And no, it's fully-featured software with no micro-transactions, at least they had the decency to not copy that from the gaming market :p

However, I would not really want to use this model with Office or an OS. This just speaks of how outrageously priced Adobe's boxed software is.
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