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I know this site a more of a hardware and software site, but I see people posting questions about HTML and etc. I would like to see a Programming forum.

Those questions really don't relate to any of the For Sale, Gaming Hardware and Software, General, Support, Software, and etc. I would love to see a Programming forum at HWC.


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I would love to see programming combined with multimedia/graphics/sound design help,tips,etc. in a forum, there is many talented multimedia workers and programmers here so it would be worth a shot :)


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I agree!

I know there are many other programming help/aid forums out there...but I think creating one here would prove to be beneficial and make the site even more functional!


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MitchSchaft, there really needs to be a programming forum. It really doesn't make sense to put programming under the software forum.

As equinoxe3d pointed out, also a multimedia forum would go really good as well. Combining the two topics we have and having a forum called "Multimedia and Programming" would be nice to see at HWC. More and more people anymore, or seems like latey, are posting programming questions.

The software forum are for people who are having difficulties installing/uninstalling and manipulating with a particular software. That even goes for operating system software too.


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I have to admit, a forum such as that would be handy right now. I'm having trouble getting Sasquatch to behave in Lightwave 7.5 and a forum like that might attract people in the field to HWC, who would be able to assist :cool:


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Originally posted by MitchSchaft
programming = software
You are right, in a sense, there. However, I think most people think of software as stuff they have installed on their machines. Having to wade through a bunch of programming stuff to get to software issues could be a pain.

One more vote for the Programming from me, although I'm not really sure if my votes count around here, they haven't here.


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Hi Guys,

This question was already addressed some time ago.

I'm afraid that the conclusion was to stick with the forums the way they are now. You can always post anything you want regarding this matter in the Software Forum.

Hardware Central is really more dedicated to hardware. If you want to get very intricate about software, may I recommend VirtualDr.

If and when HwC decides to edit forums in the future, I will try and make sure that there is something more to your liking. For the time being, I hope this will suffice.

Have a nice day all :)