About having to re-register user names



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I really dont wanna be a pain in the butt.. BUT! I noticed in another thread about someone losing there user name.. you asked the date he signed up... and how many posts. Well.. just a shot in the dark here.. but it never hurts to try.... I first came to HWC in 6/99 under user name Rich3077.. I had to re-register that name at least once.. and then I re-registered as Rich (got lucky)
anyways.. I have had to re-register once under that name as well. What I am getting at is I lost about 6 months of time in my profile.. and roughly about 1,000 posts.
Can this info be corrected, or am I just outta luck? Its really no biggie... because everyone here knows who I am anyways.
If needed I think there are people around that can vouch for this.

Rich H.


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No problem...

I know you and I can honestly say based on the help you provide around here i don't doubt you lost the information you say you did...

How's those corrections?


Michael Jarmark