Abit shame on you!



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As i wrote in the topic 009247 i had a big problem with PIII550 overheating well after some experimenting i used the thermal cable that comes with the ABIT BE6-II.
I put the cable right next to the proc.
Of course when i turned on the comp. that annoying sound from the speaker (cpu warning temp) was still there so i entered the bios and went into the system health status.
The temp. of the cpu went from 90C to 100C and over (n/a) in just a few seconds. The system 2 temp. that comes from the mesaurement of the thermal cable was around 35-40C. So i waited for a while...
The temp. of the sys 2 was still around 35-40C.(this is the real temp. i touched the cooler and the temp. was just a few degrees above mine so ...).
Conclusion: "Abit" shame on you but thank god that the latest bios implements the disable of the cpu warning temp (70C) and the cpu shutdown temp.(75C) or else no sale.