Abit KT7 and Tbuird 900 cannot be o/c over 1026?



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To all OverClocker, I was wondering if
someone can let me know what am I doing wrong? , I cannot overclock Tbuird 900 over
1026 GHz. I am using
Abit KT7 mobo , 256 micron Cas2 pc 133 memory , and Heghoug copper air cooling with Delta fan . system does not accept multiplier beyond 9 and system dies if I invoke bus speed over 127/37.
If someone out there using similar hardware (cpu and Mobo) and kind enough to let me know If it is possible to O/c this system to 1.2GHz or over what would be the settings.


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have you checked for a bios update?

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127MHz FSB is damn a lot!!!
If ya first unlock the multiplier and then try to clock this 900MHz thing you'll have better chance...


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Assumption: you did pencil trick

My guess would be that one or more of the pencil lines isn't connecting right. This would explain why some multiplier settings will not work.

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Do the pencil trick or redo it and go for 11 x 100MHz FSB for 1100MHz. Then try 11.5 and 12.0. I highly doubt you'll hit any thing more then 1200 but you are welcome to try.
I've had T-Bird 800 @ 1.1GHz and 1 @ 1.2GHz.

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