Abit Geforce2 mx400 64mb ( Poss broken??)



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my new sys is built and all has been fine...
My graphics card is a "a-bit Geforce2 mx400 64mb, it only has a heat sink on the processor. ) which worried me a bit..
when i first turned my sys on I went straight into the bios to check the temps.. i left it for 30 min and watched the temp rise to processor 40C and inside 30C
I felt the heatsink on the graphics card and found it was very hot to the touch
I added a pci slot exhaust fan directly below it to help circulate this heat being produced and an intake fan in the lower cd draw bay
anyway I installed everything fine I had
AVP2 runing in top res.. It was running a dreamm.
I went into the display properties, and when i clicked the advanced to ( my screen jump straight to the far right of my monitor and curved at the edges (opaque i think it's called)
I tought it was wierd but adjusted my monitor accordly to compensate ( and then thought nothing more of it

.....but now the past two days when i have come home from work ( after the computer being on all day )I come to play the game again,, it loads up into the start menu. I load a saved game and it crashes when it first gets into a 3D game sreen... back to windows...
windows runs works fine, I tested another game and Sudden strike and that crashed out sraight away on goinbg intoit, but then was fine from there in
I updated my driver to the new detonator 21.83 still did the same..

So i took it out and put in an old s3 trio 8 mb
and when the it starts to boot up . e.g. just past bios option to go into it , the page is all warped... ( as said earlier I altered the monitor setting quite allot when i had this geforce2 card first put. in... )
It was fine in windows but in the boot start up and in some games it was like this , So i altered it back.. , and tested on the card ( unfortunately this card won't run AVP2 so I tested on othr games (sudden strike ) and they were fine

so I switched it on once more last night ( with the geforce2 card in .. and tried AVP2 I didn't move the game i just wanted to test if it went in..
it did go in, but after about 30 secs of if being in the game I heard a high pitched noice come from my comp and then some of the textures on a door pannel ( in the game ) went all wierd and a slightly orange colour. and had a few black lines across..

please I need all the advice I can get. Because If I send it back they will test it to find a fault, and it could be there for some time.. (+ and I'll be without a pc)

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The reason may be an overload on the power supply maybe becouse of that fan you put on the graphic card, it could also be that the graphic fan is making interfiering with the graphic card, take the fan off and start the avp2 and se if it now works, actualy its not necessary to have a fan om mx400 unless you plan to overclock it 8the old riva 128 had a standard temperature of 70+ C kind of hooot)


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the fan isn't directly on the card it's a pci slot exhaust fan but i'm gonna try and remove it and play the game a bit...


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Took the fan of and now it crashes in windows..

keep hearing a funny high pitched squealing noise.. when my screen freezes..