Abit BE6-II and PIII temp reading discrepancy...



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I've got a PIII 650 that loves to do 1000 (154MHz fsb) at 1.9v. The only problem is is that the temp readings (taken from within the BIOS) are extremely high- ~65-72c. This doesn't seem right at all. I've got good contact between the core and the heatsink with Arctic Silver, and from touching the heatsink, it doesn't even feel warm. When I take a temp reading with SiSoft Sandra, it reads 44c which seems reasonable, but still high. Are the BE6-II boards known to have this problem? This is the first PIII system I've ever owned and I'm not sure what reasonable operating temps are. From what I've read, shouldn't a PIII 1GHz run much cooler than an Athlon 1GHz? The temp readings on this mobo seem to disagree...

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I would think that even 44'C is to high. You should be at around 35-38c. Cooler would make a difference also try underclocking to see if
if temps go down. What does Hardware Doctor tell you? My [email protected] runs at 31'c under load. If you have a 650 clocked to 1000 and you can boot to windows thats an accomplishment itself dude! I also use a BE6-II

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Yeah it's rock stable at 1000Mhz, but it will only run with the vcore maxed. Funny thing is is that it runs at 975 (150Mhz fsb) at 1.7v completely stable. I think there's something screwy with mobo temp sensor. I've noticed that if I increase the vcore by .5 and restart, the cpu temp can increase as much as 5c. An increase of that much in less than 10 seconds (time it takes to get back into the BIOS), seems impossible. When I set the voltage back down to default, the temp goes down by 5c immediately as well. That is only possible with water cooling. It would take a couple mins at least for a fan to cool it back by 5c.

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I used the BE6-II and it never gave me the right teperature reading. Another motherboard thats readings are also completely off are the Asus P3V4X's and the CUV4X's.

44ºC on a Pentium III 650 at 1000 MHz is incredible... if you are touching the heatsink and it doesn't even feel warm to the touch, I'd say your actual temperature is even lower than the 44ºC.

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I could be completely wrong about this method but... When I touch the heatsink, it feels neither cold nor warm, so I'm assuming it is at approximately the same temp as my body- ~98.6f. That would be about 36-37c which seems right on with what Warbird was saying I should see.

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I've always noticed screwy readings in the BIOS monitoring, but I've generally gotten readings that are more or less on par when using a program like MBM or Sandra. My [email protected] seldom sees over 33C under load.


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I have a BE6-II with a P3-933 on it. I've been able to post at 1100 (157fsb), but only post. It was stable enough to bench at 1050. Note that I never raised the vcore over 1.75v because its my dad's system and I'm not going to take any chances with his silver orb. That .5v increase that equates to 5*C change...that can be right. These things are very sensitive to voltage, and I noticed that with the latest BIOS, 3.5v is the default IO voltage. I dropped that to 3.2v and it runs stable at stock speeds and MUCH COOLER than 3.5v. The chipset used to get so hot I couldn't touch it (Arctic Silver on chipset and then greenie). Now the thing is only slightly warm.

Also, would my CoolerMaster 1ghz Athlon heatsink be better than the Silver Orb that's currently on it? I might try kicking it up to 1100 with my PC150 RAM with some higher vcores to see what happens. I'd just like to bench a P3 1.1ghz CuMine ya know? It would only be temporary because I'm not giving up my memory!!!

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