A nic and a NEC computer


Hazy Dusk

New Member
Hi, I recently was attempting to install a PCI nic into a NEC Pent II(Packard Bell I think) computer and I ran into some trouble. The sound in this computer is built into the motherboard. I put the network card into place in a PCI slot, and the system recognized it and everything looked great. No errors were showing at all! However, the sound was the first thing to go. I attempted to move it to other resources only to meet with the PCI modem. The modem and the sound proceeded to bounce back and forth between two sets of IRQ's 5 and 11. I attempted to reserve other IRQ's in hope of pushing one or the other off onto another IRQ, but no success. Long story, but after removing the nic, everything in the system was happy as a clam. This system is running Windows 95A. I will be removing the modem when I return to the scene which I believe will free up the necessary resources to allow the nic and the sound card to live together in harmony. My questions is, I know that all of these devices have, and will live together and work great in other systems, but why not in this NEC? Again the devices that were fighting were a PCI modem, a build in sound card and a PCI network adaptor.