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I have been using a Canopus Pure 3D voodoo 1 card for about 6 months. I have had this card through 3 computer systems from a cyrix pr-166+, a pentium 166, and now a pentium II 266.

If you also have a voodoo1 card, dont go out and upgrade you cpu to get better frame rates. (unless you have a really slow cpu already). To give you all a performance difference with this game and different computers, here are the #'s I got with quake II on my systems with a voodoo1 card, running the timedemo 1, demo1.dm2 map.

Cyrix pr-166+ with vx board and 32mb sdram: This setup could only achieve a mere 12 fps with the voodoo1 card at 50mhz, with quake II at 640x480 resolution.

The Pentium 166 with hx board and 96mb of edo ram: This setup was capable of achieving 19.5fps in quake II at 640x480.

The Pentium II 266 with lx board and 64mb of sdram: This setup for me is capable of 22.5 fps in quake II at 640x480 resolution. I have done the most tweaking using the pure 3d in this system, and by seting the pure 3d driver clock speed control to 58 mhz, I am able to push over 26fps in quake II.

As you all can see, there is not much of a performance increase from a pentium to a pentium II with a voodoo1 card. But the difference between a pentium and a cyrix with the same pr rating is significant.


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Mole, do you remember an old thread where this guy stated:

I think the Voodoo3 3000 is the best card ever!

Then all members from that point on started posting replying that followed as such:

I think Vanilla is the best ice cream ever!

I think Toyota makes the best cars ever!

And so on and so forth... that's the thread I'm trying to find.