A copied audio CD plays on my computer but not on my stereo system.



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Hi guys,

I would appreciate any inputs regarding this problem. I made a copy of my audio CD using my Yamaha 4416 CD-RW. The CD plays great on my computer but not on my stereo system or car audio. The cd players of my stereo system and car audio keeps rejecting the CD out with "error" message. I tried other copies but still no luck. I copied the audio CD at 4x 600/kps speed and closed the session as "Easy CD Creator" says to. Am I doing something wrong? I appreciate your time.


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That is very comon problem when using standard CDRs and good or very good HiFi system.

Problem is in reflection of CDRs and whay that your audio equipment is adjusted.
Well as you have found out is not adjusted for CDRs.
To much to write to explaine why but maybe this while help.

Buy MITSUI CDr or PRINCO that comes without eny label on it and you cany buy it only 100pcs or more. If does are availabel in your local store, that while solve problem or you can buy AUDIO CDR but they cost mutch.

Other way is to adjust your equipment to CDRs you are using if you know how if not I doubt that enyone while whant to fix something that is not broken.

Enyway I recomend buying better CDRs

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