900 t-bird?



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This cpu is running at stock 900mhz,and im getting 67 degrees celcius at idle speed,I recently learned that i may have applied to much thermal grease?

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p.s-I have two golden orbs sitting on my desk(socket A design)but Im to worried about chipping my cpu to use them

My manual says i should have taped my heat sensor to the heatsink?i put it directly on the cpu?

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well stop that damn bus!!! If you put probe right on the CPU think about what your doing.. not letting the HS make good contact to the cpu.. Never do this.. Those T-birds run hot, but you're gonna cook that thing.. Tape it to the HS like it says.. Good Luck!!

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I don't think ANYBODY would be dumb enough to place the sensor between the CPU and heatsink.

I have my thermal sensor under the CPU, and I used to have it sort of between/to the side of the cpu/heatsink, so that it didn't obstruct contact, but still directly touched the CPU. It was a very thin probe, otherwise it wouldn't have fitted without lifting the heatsink.


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Many people are afraid to use the GORB on their socket A CPU's. I ordered both Celery and socket A. I immediately saw why the Celery Unit was Shogun (Duron) Assassin. Its base protrudes farther and thus crushes the cpu cap when applied. The Socket A unit went on the Duron with NO FUSS and has been off and on a few times.

Hope that helps.

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Originally posted by FS:
I don't think ANYBODY would be dumb enough to place the sensor between the CPU and heatsink.
I did
I have been wondering why the thing doesnt work anymore

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