90 minute CD-Rs



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Yep, that's right! 90 minutes and 800 MB. I bought some at a local computer show this last weekend. Unfortunately though, there is a catch. Basically, they seem to be just 80 minute CD-Rs with extra overburn area. What does this mean? They are incompatible with many burners out there.
I knew this when I bought them, so I got as few of them as I could: 25. My burner, Yamaha 6x4x16 SCSI, and all Yamahas I think, are rated at about 86 minutes for these CDs. Using CD Speed 99's overburn test, I was able to do a successful test of 86 minutes. I haven't tested any higher yet, nor have I done an actual burn. Has anybody else tried these yet? Let me know if you have.