89 MHz AGP bus



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hi there,

I have a 16Meg SGRAM creative banshee 2X AGP video card (kind of old, but I can only afford one upgrade at a time.) The AGP bus is at 89MHz. It all seems to be running fine. However, I am a little scared of running the banshee @ 89MHz. I put a little 486 fan blowing on the heat sink. I have been playing a little TRIBES, and there doesnt seem to be a problem now, but am I going to burn my card out before my budget allows me to get a new video card?

My system:
slot 1 p3 600E @ 800MHz (retail fan, default voltage)
~380Meg Micron PC100 SDRAM
Asus P2B-F motherboard
SBLive Value
creative banshee
10/100 ethernet

Thanks for any responses.


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That's tricky. I've had cards go out on me prematurely because I stressed them out by running at 83-92MHz then again I've heard from people here who are running cards at over 120MHz @ 1/1 AGP divisor!!

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Not sure about that :/ My V3 3k has been running at 103MHz AGP for 3-4 months now, without problems. That was with my old BX6 v2. Now that I've got my BF6 it won't run UT properly over 95MHz AGP. My card is still full of life though.

It's a cheap card you've got, if it fails then you'll go get yourself a better card, if not then you're ok

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