815E (mobo) questions



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First, experiencing spontaneous, random reboots for reason yet to be pinpointed. I'm assuming I just need to get a new motherboard, but not sure if it is heat-related or a software issue. Normally occurs after extended (for Windows, anyway) periods of uptime (around 2-3 days). Thoughts?

Then, assuming the motherboard is crap, I'm looking at picking up an 815E... so, recommendations? I read the Abit Sa6R review here, but not sure if that's what I'm looking for. I would really like an i815 board, minus on-board sound and vid, if one exists.

Current specs
Windows 2K
600e (factory hsf)
asus p3bf
20gb 7200 seagate barracuda
256mb pc133 hsdram
v6800 agp geforce 256
live! value
3com nic
hival 4x4x32x
pioneer 16x dvd
300w psu

Dat's it...


i'm sotally tober... drot nunk at all... i swear...