7600 GT On a 250W PSU



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Can a Nvidia 7600 GT PCI-E run on a 250W PSU?

I do beleive my power supply is a 250 watt. But i do not know how many watts a nvidia geforce 7600 GT requires.


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In your other thread you said...
antoniod525 said:
HI, everyone thanks for taking ur time and helping me out, its been well appreciated . Im gonna buy that card and if i have problems i wil just have to upgrade my powersupply. But thanks all
Oh and i used a wattage caculator and it said i needed a minimum of 204W for what i have already, im thinking it might work with that 7600 GT
If you are sure you included everything in your computer and all USB devices and you have a good quality power supply you may be ok.
But if it was my computer I would upgrade my power supply at the same time.


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I haven't had much experience with recent Compaq computers. With that said the 350w Antec will plug into your motherboard.
Lately some members are having problems with their Antec psu's. Read reply #8 for decent psu brands.