7 whole pence, Woohoo



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The Promise Ultra66 to Fasttrak conversion, work a dream. BIOS update, One 100 ohm (7p) resistor between pins 16 and 23 of the BIOS, Windows reinstall (cause of the On board controller) and it works perfectly.

The best thing is that the soldering is easy to remove if I need to sell it. Only got one drive set up on it right now, until its twin (IBM 2500 5400rpm) comes down in price. Didn't need to format the drive just set it up in a spanning config.

Say if I used a Maxtor 10gig(slowish) and Fujitsu 10 gig(fast together) would that be pointless. It would be temp. but I don't want to do it if it makes no difference.

That's really made my day. Everything actually works in my PC