605 2.0v but next jump is 682



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Just my luck I get a great 336 Celeron and the next jump on my motherboard is 682 Mhz. I guess watercooling is the next step. Anyone hear of Soft Menu III on the BP6 yet. I would probably have to say a Celeron 400 would be a better bet on the BP6 because of the multipliers.


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Well you can also try something in between the 605 and 682MHz with a little program called SoftFSB(www.h-oda.com) - with it you will for example boot at 605 and try something else in Win98, 'cos it's changing the fsb in Windows!!!

Good luck!!!

P.S.: It's not 100% sure that the program will work with your MB!!!


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The BE6-2 I believe is out and you can select fsb from 66-200 in increments on 1. Man I'm jealous!! I have the BE6 myself with a P3550 and love it, running stable at 630 - well I used to be up until recently :p Seems some of the recent programs I installed are not happy with the system...


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SoftFSB only allows u to select freq.s that are inherent to the design of the chip on your motherboard. It will not just let you pick an increment randomly.
Also changes are on the fly, no rebooting, so the potential for F'ups are great.
Be carefull or hell be dangerous if ya fry it get the be6-2.

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If I was going to run a single CPU I would have bought the BE6-II. I decided to run dual 366s at 550. I guess I will have to settle for what I have. I can run two chips at 577 each. Not bad though. Wanted the two chip setup for photoshop and video editing.