56k modem abruptly disconnects!



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i used to have a us robotics 33.6 sportster modem and didn't experience any abrupt disconnection with my ISP. i recently bought a 56k version of the modem and now i experience annoying disconnections from my server. how can i solve this problem?


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Contact your ISP and see if they have a different dial-up phone number for 56k...I have EARTHLINK and they've got numbers for both 56k standards and it helped me...


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First as Jerry said, try a different number. If you get disconnected on that number also, then check in DUN, and Control Panel under modems, and make sure that "disconnect if idle after x minutes" is not checked. If neither of these work, you might want to try reinstalling TCP/IP, under control panel, network.

"Go Linux"


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just as a note... 56k is much more sensitive to line noise etc than the old 33.6, call your phone co and have them run a 30 second line noise just to see if there is a prob on the line