5,400 vs 7,200RPM drives



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If I'm buying a new computer, does it make much difference in normal usage if I get a 7,200 as opposed to 5,400 drive? Currently the only people selling 7,2 IDE drives are Seagate, a friend has had bad experience with them so I'd rather stick with Quantum. Quantum only makes 7,2's for SCSI, which will probably work out a bit too expsneive for how much more performance I will get. Comments?


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The Quantum 5400 rpm's are just a few % (4-5) slower than the 7200 Seagate. I've also got a friend who's got problems with Seagate-disks, so I guess a Quantum is a smoother choice...


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A good 7,200 HD?? You can't beat the IBM Deskstar 14GXP !! It is considerably cleaner and faster than any Seagate or Quantum. It has IBM's new technology of Giant Manetoresistive Head technology for a much higher caoacity they run from 10.1 to 14.4 Gb and are UDMA IDE. Check them out at
www.imb.com/storage or any reviewer message board that is uptodate.



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I think you should get the IBM Deskstar as well. Computer magazines have given it great reviews and also said it was as fast as some SCSI hard drives. So go spend around 300-400 dollars for one and you won't have to buy a new hard drive for a long time.


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Assuming, of course, that it doesn't crash the day after the warranty expires

I'm surprised that the gap between 5,400RPM drives and 7,200RPM drives is so small. Seeking obviously has the most influence on speed (just about all drives are 9.5 to 10ms). One wonders if it's really worth it if I'm only going to be 5% faster than somebody using a 5,400 drive.

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I just bought the Maxtor Diamondmax 10 gig 7200 rpm drive.....Yes IBM makes excellent drives, but i got this one at Buycomp.com for 228.00 (retail too). Sure does beat having to pay 300-400 for one, and the 3yr warranty that Maxtor has seems good


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The ibm deskstar has an average data throughput time of 10mb/sec. This is ultra wide scsi level performance. Most 5400rmp ultra dma drives have performance in the 3-5mb/sec range. 7200rmp drives from seagate/quantum/maxtor approach 7mb/sec, but cannot match the Deskstar's over 10mb/sec performance. Also the deskstar has a lower cpu usage than the other drives. The seek time is not the most influential factor for drive speed. The Ibm deskstar drive has a slower seek time than the seagate drives, but it pumps out data a hell of alot faster. What good is getting to the data in 9ms if the disk cant put through the data very fast. Also the deskstar has a peak burst data throughput speed of around 28mb/sec almost saturating the max 33mb/sec specs of the ultra dma bus. These drives are currently the fastest ultra dma drives available. The november issue of maximum pc magazine reviews these drives, and they got a 10 out of 10 and the kick ass product award. If you are in the states, you should be able to find one for a decent amont of money. Up here in canada, they go for just over 400 for a 10gb model. It is a little more expensive than the seagate, but way less expensive than the drives they really compare to: UWSCSI. Last time I checked, a 10gb ultra wide scsi drive was damn near $1000!!!


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Colin: do you have the URL for speed comparisons? I'm interested to see under what conditions 10MB/s was measured, I read another page saying the sustained transfer rate was 6MB/s, just a few percent faster than 5,400RPM drives. If the 7,200 is significantly faster, I want to see it!!


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For normal usage, 5400's are fine...little difference in actual performance. Watch the seek times though, and scsi is faster. I got my Micropolis Tomahawk 7200rpm scsi/4.5gb for $160. If you can find one, get it, but they're discontinued. No problems whatsoever with mine. They also make a 9gb version (fatty).


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I too am looking at buying a 7200 rpm drive

There are only questions you need to ask?

What size?

Do you want a ggod drive?

If you can afford/need a 10Gb drive then BUY IBM. They are faster, and run cooler than the compition. But they cost more.

If you cannot afford that then do with the 7.5Gb Maxtor 2500 series (7,200rpm)

These are the two I am weighing up, in the UK the ex VAT difference is about £30, but remember the extra space too.