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I owned a CX486 DX2-S 60 Board. I'm installing a 1 gig hardrive. So far the computer native standard only allows me to use half of the hardrive size. I have a ROM ISA BIOS (2C418G01). Is there a way to bypass the 540MB Limit.

I woudl really appreciated if I could get an answer.


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I think there may be a way to get round the limit using software.

This is the wrong forum tho, try the "General" forum. This thread will probably be moved there.

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Most 486 motherboards, had an lba option available in the bios that let you use drives larger than 540mb. If the option is not available in your bios, you can go to the hard-drive manucfacturer website and get a version of DM (Disk Manager) or Ezbios for your hard-drive.

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