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Hi all,

Im posting this on behalf of a friend- who will hopefully be joining us all at HWC soon, the problem is, he has a Dell computer, with a 440bx board in, but cant get hold of a mobo manual and wants to overclock it (p3 600 at the moment), so if anyone has any info or a link to get a mobo manual it would be much appreciated, also any other tips on o/c this mobo/cpu would be handy. Anyone know what sort of speed we a re looking at reaching?

Oh, ill post more info- model number or whatever if needed when i can find it out.

Thanks a lot

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Try here for a cpu database, on how successful folks have been with overclocking their cpu.
And also what methods of cooling/voltage was used to do the job! http://overclockers.cssftware.com/cpudb/index.cfm

My P3 600e would do 800 (133 fsb) with no problems, with my Alpha PEP66 cooler, and a geforce card.

Once you find out what mobo you have, the first thing would be to upgrade the bios.
Then see what bios options you have that will allow overclocking, and by what degree!
And that also the other components in the PC are gonna be happy with the overclocking.

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